At the core of the RF project is the annual Resource Flows survey whereby financial data on population and AIDS expenditures are collected. This information is stored in the RF database, which is now partly made available to the public through Resource Flows Data. In addition to the annual survey, the project includes several other activitiesrelated to UNFPA’s needs, and to the challenges related to the collection of accurate, reliable and timely data.

To meet UNFPA's need for more timely data, annual estimates and projections for resource flows to population and AIDS activities are made. 

Data collection was further strengthened by thematic studies on the use of Reproductive Health Accounts, Sector-Wide Approaches (SWAps), and the estimation of private sector expenditures such as  household expenses. Between 1997–2002, the RF project conducted country case studies in 15 countries. These studies helped to institutionalize domestic data collection and acquire a better understanding of national systems of financing population and AIDS activities.