The Resource Flows project’s primary instrument to monitor global financial flows is the annual mail survey, distinguished by two types: 1) donor survey which monitors financial flows of donor countries and organizations; 2) domestic survey which monitors funding from governments and NGOs located in developing countries and countries in transition.

Both surveys track financial resource flows based on the costed population package as described in paragraph 13.14 of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action:

  • Family planning services;
  • Basic reproductive health services;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS prevention;
  • Basic research, data and population and development policy analysis.

In addition, the 2013 RF survey includes an expansion of the RF survey wherein tracking financial flows for family planning plays a more prominent role. NGOs and governments receive an additional short survey specifically focused upon family planning, whilst corporations and insurance companies will also be requested to provide information on their family planning expenditures.

Since UNAIDS is also collecting data on HIV/AIDS funding within developing countries, the domestic survey does not include HIV/AIDS. Instead, this information is collected directly from UNAIDS.

The questionnaires aim to collect data on financial flows for population activities at the project/programme level in the previous fiscal year. Depending on the questionnaire, the requested information includes the sources and recipients of funding, type of projects and future funding commitments. The questionnaires are accompanied by detailed instruction manuals which include definitions and guidelines.