Domestic Survey

Governments and NGOs in developing countries and countries in transition receive the domestic survey on an annual basis. This survey aims to collect information on expenditures on within-country (domestic) population activities. Furthermore, this year’s RF survey will include more in depth questions regarding family planning expenditures made by domestic governments and NGOs in 2013. In addition, due to the increased interest in the private sector the survey will also include family planning questions for insurance companies and corporations.

The 2013 domestic survey requests information for fiscal year 2013 and covers 127 countries. The survey is conducted in kind collaboration with the UNFPA country offices. To simplify reporting procedures and to harmonize resource tracking with UNAIDS, the survey does not collect information on expenditures for HIV/AIDS activities. This information is obtained directly from UNAIDS.

Separate questionnaires are available for governments, NGOs, corporations (covering Family Planning only), insurance companies (covering Family Planning only) and national consultants (requesting an overview of  overall national funding). The consultant is also requested to return the Upon Receipt form at the beginning of the survey, in order to help the RF team to keep track of the response. The questionnaires are available in three languages: English, French and Spanish. 

The questionnaires for each type of respondent can be found below.