Donor Survey

DACQuestionnaireRF2013.xlsThe donor survey is sent to a selected group of governments and organizations on an annual basis. The selected donors include the major players in the field representing several organization types. Collectively, these donors provide the major share of total expenditures on population activities.

Currently, the RF 2013 survey round is ongoing, collecting data on population expenditures for 2013 and future expected expenditures for 2014 and 2015. Within the framework of the RF 2013 survey round, a total of 122 donors active in the field of population assistance are sampled.

The donor survey distinguishes between:

1. Primary donors:

  • OECD/DAC members;
  • International foundations.

2. Intermediate organizations:

  • Multilateral organizations;
  • International NGOs (that receive income from primary donors or other intermediate organizations).

3. Development banks:

  • The World Bank Group;
  • The three regional development banks.

Each type of donor type receives a specific questionnaire. Information about OECD/DAC government assistance is further supplemented by data extracted directly from the OECD Creditor Reporting System.

The questionnaires for the different donor types can be downloaded below.

In addition, all donors are requested to return the Upon Receipt form to ensure timely collection of the data.